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Everett Transit seeks community input for 20-year plan


  • Sabina Popa, Everett Transit program manager, spopa@everettwa.gov, 3201 Smith Ave, Ste 215, Everett WA 98201, (425) 257-8805

  • Meghan Pembroke, Communications Director (425) 257-8687


In the next 20 years, Everett's population is expected to grow 40-60%.  Everett Transit is currently working on a 20-year Long Range Plan (to be presented to the City Council for proposed adoption) to serve the growing community. 

Emerging technologies in consideration:

  • Alternative mobility options like ride-sharing apps/networks (examples: Uber and Lyft), car-share, on-demand routing, and bike-sharing; may include dynamic routing capabilities of private transit and potential partnerships between transit agencies and alternative mobility partners.

  • Driverless and autonomous vehicle technology

  • Cleaner battery technology to replace diesel and hybrid engines for buses and vehicles

  • Increased access to transit; may range from investments in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to deploying alternative parking management and first/last mile strategies. 

Projected population growth and density in Everett, Washington

Transit service options in consideration for Long Range Plan

  • Coverage: location of bus stops and where routes are available

  • Frequency: how often the bus comes

  • Comfort & Safety: overall rider experience, ease of use and how safe you feel

  • Span of Service: how early service starts and how late service ends

  • Cost: keeping fares low

  • Service Type: local service, fast peak-period commute service and high-capacity service in higher-density areas for frequent/faster service and spontaneous travel

Everett Transit Long Range Plan timeline

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